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Knowing the most effective mode of relaying your message or ideas across varying audiences. The Media can build or destroy you in a flash. SSP advises clients on how best to deal with the Media and make it work in your favor.

PR (Public Relations)

  • Providing client exposure to diverse publics and audiences using various avenues among them; the media (News and features), dealing with crisis situations, damage control, image building and protection.
  • Publicity e.g. utilizing social media, advertising, branding and CSR activities.

Film Production

Developing life stories e.g. biographies, documentaries, or feature films. Communication is not just about the words used, it is how you play with them. The messages we formulate, the ideas we generate are nothing if they are not conveyed appropriately and to the rightful audience, at the right time.

What makes us unique?

Our team of consultants is made up of both local and international experts who are highly experienced in both the Film Production/PR and Business Management and are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in meeting clients’ needs.

  • We build strong relationships with our clients and work closely with their management team in a bid to get them to make quick progress and lasting changes.
  • We work as independent consultants and therefore give our clients impartial advice to help them implement the most optimum solutions to their needs.
  • Ours is to prepare the Executive. Just so you know, even the most accomplished News Anchor in the world, silently waits for that “You were great” (pat on the back), after every live broadcast! The bright studio lights, facing several cameras, the buzz, microphones and what would seem like a thousand questions all at once “what do you do? How do you keep your cool and deliver the interview of your life with ease? Any day, anytime, and anywhere, SLIM STEEL PICTURES is the answer!
  • Without question one of the great passions of the 21st Century has been Filming/Movies. Culture today matters beyond the confines of the movie theatre, and only a fraction of African tradition has been captured right.

Our skills and qualities

Equipment/technical skills
Photo and video Editing
Knack for marketing
Film production
Keenness to details
Connecting with people
High-resolution imaging

What our clients say

Chuma is just the photographer you need for your family event, corporate events, wedding, or documentary production etc. I’ve hired more than two times and have never doubted that it was among the best decisions I’ve ever made. Chuma has impeccable timing, vision and experience to distinguish a great shot from a good one, a way with people that engages and disarms them, and an uncompromising standard in the studio after the shot.

Mary M. Chief marketing director

What a great art of work!!! We are honored to have found you. You are such a pleasure to work with. The fact that you don’t just take pictures but capture amazing moments is delightful. You are creative, detail oriented coupled with a human heart person. I highly recommend you to everyone!!! Thumbs up!

Ruth M. Executive virtual assistant at D.S.

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